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Blocky text[]

There are 8 symbols depicted in the barracks files (which is the largest sample of alien text in game) but there seem to be various other symbols that crop up in other places as well. These are all 5x5 pixels in size, possibly with an extra 6th pixel as an "underscore" between characters.

Letters from the barracks:

  • A circle with a dot in the center (transcribed as 'O')
  • A flipped 'L' shape, with a 2x2 block in the lower-right corner ('R')
  • A lowercase 'o' shape ('o')
  • A lowercase 'o' shape with right accent ('6')
  • A lowercase 'd' shape with tail on right side ('d')
  • A wide lowercase 'b' shape with right accent ('b')
  • A 'J' shape left accent ('J')
  • A 'w' shape with taller center stroke ('w')

Letters found elsewhere:

  • L = backwards J
  • D = backwards b (fat)
  • W = w but with left prong tall instead of center, plus right accent

(see diagram to right)

Thin text[]

There are 6 known symbols for the thin text, which is (normally) grouped in groups of three. This means there are 6x6x6 = 216 possible "words" for this character set.

They consist of (rotated 90 clockwise):

    1.  ## (transcribed as '=')
  1.      # (transcribed as ':')
      1.  # (transcribed as 'i')
  1.  ### (transcribed as '!')
  1.  # # (transcribed as '%')
          1. (transcribed as '|')

(see diagram to right)

From: Alien Language