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There are only 8 letters used in all the text on the diagrams in the barracks. Using Alien-to-english substitution for ease of discussion, here are some summaries:

Letter frequency analysis[]

Letter Count Notes
R 98 (21%) starts off most all words. Corresponds to 'east' on chart.*
o 47 (10%)
J 44 (9%) Corresponds to 'south' on chart.*
d 31 (7%) Corresponds to 'west' on chart.*
6 30 (6%)
b 28 (6%)
w 26 (5%) Corresponds to 'north' on chart.*
O 5 (1%) Only used a couple times to start/end paragraphs

309 total

  • Assuming north is up as per Earth conventions.

Word frequency analysis[]

Approximately 100 words in total, of which there are 63 unique words. The most frequent ones are:

Word Count
R6b 6
RJd 6
RoJ 5
RJ 4
Row 4
Rdo 3
Rw6 3
RJo 3
RbJ 2
R6 2

Words from other parts of the game get more complicated as there are other symbols and accents that are found.

From: Alien Language